ABACUS Garden Party

We will be offering a wide range of authentic Chinese ‘BAO’, both sweet and savoury, coupled with a Chinese themed BBQ which will hopefully allow you to reminisce about the food markets of Beijing. For drinks, you will find summer cocktails, bubble tea (courtesy of Ooshi) and juices being served. Lastly, we will finish off with mochis and traditional mango puddings to a relaxing summer afternoon.

In addition, we will be providing a bouncy castle and great music will be played throughout.

The tickets are running out quickly, so be sure to grab one soon to avoid disappointment!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting ABACUS in the past year and we hope to see you on Monday for an afternoon of Bao, Booze, Bubbletea, Barbecue and Bouncy Castle.


Pictures from the event can be found on the facebook event or here


Following the demise of tilt we have moved to QPay, get your tickets here

Early Bird tickets (£13 – Members only) released at 5:30 pm today (12th June)

Member tickets (£16) released at 2:30 tomorrow (13th June)

Nonmember tickets (£19) released at 2:30 tomorrow (13th June)

As this is our first time using QPay please get in touch with Abigail or Oliver if you have any issues with it.

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Where? K Block Lawn, Harvey Court, Caius College

When? 19th June 14:00 – 16:00

What? Bao, Booze, and a Bouncy Castle (and collect your hoodies if you ordered one)

See our facebook event for more details

Abacus Brunch Meet Up

Come down to Sidney Sussex this Saturday at 11:20 for a lovely brunch with all your ABACUS friends

There are no tickets for this event (you’ll have to pay for brunch yourself in cash), but if you plan on coming could you mark yourselves as going on our facebook event so we can get an idea of numbers.

See our facebook event for more details

ABACUS Hoodie Stash

This year we’ve decided to open up stash to the whole of ABACUS, your exclusive ABACUS hoodie will come with our lovely new logo on the front, with a name of your choice underneath (any language). The hoodie will make the perfect keepsake of all the great times you’ve had, or you can wear it around town with societal pride, or even as comfy pyjamas. Find them here (Only £14), get your name on the front here (Only £4 extra)
NOTE: Orders close at midnight 31st May
NOTE: Unfortunately there wasn’t enough interest in the tags:
The perfect accompaniment to your recently ordered ABACUS hoodie, a “Running man” style name tag. In case you don’t already know “Running man” is a popular korean TV show (though it has of course been copied in China) involving guests completing challenges and running around with name tags velcroed to their backs, and once your tag is ripped off, you’re “dead”. Get your “running man” style label with your name on here (Only £3 each)
Not a member, please sign up here before you order
What will I get for my money?
One purple hoodie in a size of your choice with the ABACUS logo on the left breast with (optionally) a name of your choosing underneath the logo (where the “Cambridge” is in the sample picture, please note: the “Cambridge” is not included with the logo on the base hoodie). AND/OR
One “running man” style name tag with a name of your choice (any language) with velcro backing that can either be stuck or sewn on to your hoodie (so that you can rip off the label to your hearts content)
When do I need to order by?
Orders will close on 31/05/2017 and the hoodies will be distributed at the annual garden party in mid-June (if you for some insane reason don’t plan on attending the garden party, get in touch with a committee member after tilting to arrange for you to collect your hoodie separately).
Why such a long wait for my hoodie?
We are getting the name tags shipped in bulk from China and will distribute the hoodies and name tags together, and to save on shipping costs (making the name tags cheaper for you), we are not going for express shipping.
Can I just get a name tag or hoodie?
Yes, you can just order a tag or hoodie if you like, and you can even order more than one if you want multiple aliases or just want to be extra warm.
What happens if it doesn’t ’tilt’?
If fewer than 11 people order hoodies it isn’t economical for ABACUS, so tilt will automatically refund everyone, but we’ll be in touch with those who have payed about other options for getting their ABACUS hoodie fix. AND/OR
If fewer than 10 people order name tags it isn’t economical for ABACUS, so tilt will automatically refund everyone, but we’ll be in touch with those who have payed about other options for getting their “running man” name tag fix.


XS 34, S 37, M 40, L 43, XL 46, 2XL 50, 3XL 53

If you have any other question feel free to message any member of the committee (We may be able to cater to special individual requests, get in touch).

See our Facebook event for more details

Abacus Welcome Back Formal

ABACUS welcome back formal at Emmanuel College! Great opportunity to chat, relax and enjoy the delicious mexican themed food!

Tickets (SOLD OUT Tilt links):

£14 Members (SOLD OUT: more to come at 2:30 pm 28th)

£14 Members (Wave 2) (SOLD OUT)

£14 Members (Late Wave) (SOLD OUT)

£19 Non Members (SOLD OUT)

Tilts close at 5 pm on the 4th, but tickets will sell out before then, so get yours before then

For more up to date information see our Facebook event

(May the 4th be with you)