Annual Dinner

As the ABACUS year draws to a close, the time has come for our Annual Dinner.  This black tie affair is not to be underestimated, with delicious food, flowing wine, and fantastic company, this is not one to be missed.  As the last event held by the outgoing committee, this also serves as the official handover dinner to the incoming committee (who will be elected at our Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4th March – do come along).



A delicious 3 course Black Tie meal (including wine), provisional menu below:

Prosecco reception

✨ ✨ ✨

Lobster, Mango & Rocket Filo Tarts served with a Citrus & Vanilla dressing

Vegetarian: Tomato & Basil Soup served with Italian Cheese & Garlic Herb Croutons

✨ ✨ ✨

Roast Ribeye of Beef with Balsamic Griddled Tomatoes, Garlic Mushrooms served with a Tarragon Butter Sauce

Vegetarian: Skewered Kebabs of Smoked Tofu, Red Onion, Halloumi, Green Pepper, Baby Tomatoes & Courgette served on a bed of jeweled Cauliflower Rice with a Balsamic dressing

✨ ✨ ✨

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream

✨ ✨ ✨

Port & Coffee, Mints



Newnham College Cambridge


19:00, Monday 12th March – exact timings to be announced

Dress Code?

Black Tie or equivalent


Buy yours here

Ex-Committee £23 – SOLD OUT
Ex-Committee (Final Release) £27
Members £29 – SOLD OUT
Members (Final Release) £35
Non Members £47


Any questions, get in touch with our Facebook page, with a member of our committee, email us at, or for more contact information click here.

Annual General Meeting

Have your say on who leads ABACUS into the year ahead.

Have you enjoyed the year of ABACUS just gone? Think you know how to make it even better? Come along to our Annual General Meeting to run to be on the committee for the coming year, or just to vote for which of your fellow students will make the best committee members.



Hear about the successes of the year just gone, and vote in who you think will do a good job of leading ABACUS for the year ahead, or maybe even run yourself.



Queens Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College Cambridge



14:00- Sunday 4th March



To run:

(0. Make sure you’re a life member, if not, get your membership here)

1. Pick a role (Role descriptions here ) – Note: if you run for President you should pick a backup role, which you can run for in the event your Presidential campaign is unsuccessful

2. Write a manifesto (Check out manifestos from previous years here )

3. Get your application proposed and seconded by two life members (get them to sign a copy of your manifesto – each life member may only propose or second one candidate – scanned signatures are acceptable)

4. Submit your manifesto to Oliver Black (or Chloe Huang), by 11:59 pm Thursday 1st March

5. Come along to the AGM with your friends, and tell people why they should vote for you


To vote:

Either come along to the AGM in person,

Or designate a proxy to vote on your behalf (you may only vote in the presidential election by proxy), they must fill out the following form and email it from their Cambridge email address to


The process:


– Each candidate gives an up to 4 minute speech

– The outgoing committee asks questions to all of the candidates

– Voting will take place by instant runoff (including proxy votes), and a president will be elected

Executive Committee:

– Each candidate (including unsuccessful Presidential candidates running for their back up position) will give speeches and be asked questions

– Each voter will select the 6 candidates they feel are most suitable (regardless of the position they ran for), and the 6 with the most votes will be elected

– If two candidates who applied for the same position are elected the candidate with the highest number of votes gets the position. Candidates who didn’t get their chosen position may choose from the remaining positions in order of votes received. After the candidates have been elected, they are welcome to amicably swap positions

For more details, please take a look at the constitution.

Any questions, get in touch with our Facebook page, with a member of our committee, email us at, or for more contact information click here.

Facebook event

Prospective Committee Dinner

Want to know what being on the ABACUS committee is really like? Fancy yourself as a member of one of the most enjoyable committees in cambridge? Well, come along to our prospective committee dinner this Saturday to find out what it is all about, and then maybe, just maybe, run for committee at our AGM a week later.


Get to know the existing committee better, and find out why being on the ABACUS committee is great (and not just for your CV), over a delicious meal at Bills.
Note: Coming along to the dinner for a chat and to ask questions doesn’t obligate you in any way, shape, or form to run for a committee position.


Bills, 34-35 Green Street, Cambridge


19:00 – , Saturday 24th February



Please sign up here if you want to come.

Note: As only life members can run for executive committee positions, this event is open to life members only, please do get in touch if this poses an issue.

Any questions, get in touch with our Facebook page, with a member of our committee, email us at, or for more contact information click here.

Check out our Facebook event.

Chinese New Year Party

Hope y’all are getting excited for Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the doggo! Woop woop! 🐶🐶🐶 If you thought the boat party was big – you’re in for a surprise…



🏮 Traditional Foods from 72 China (don’t you just love the translations):

* Vegetarian Spring Roll 春卷

* Crispy crispy seaweed 海草

* Capital Spare ribs babe 京都排骨

* Salt and pepper chicken wiiiiings 椒盐鸡翅

* Chicken curry curry 咖喱鸡

* Sweet and sour pork 咕噜肉

* Generic noodle with beansprout 豉油皇炒面

* Seasonal vegetable tempura 时蔬天妇罗

* Various kinds of you guessed it dumplings 特色水饺


🏮 Chinese themed cocktails:

* Chinese Fireball – Chinese peppers, Gin and Goji berries

* Hainan Iced Tea – Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice

* Passion of Jin – Gin based cocktail

(The rest of the 1815 Bar Menu will also still be available)


🏮 Lion Dance from CULDT (Cambridge University Lion Dance Troupe):


🏮 Silent Disco featuring 3 channels with ABACUS’ favourite DJs:

* Anthony Chow – fan favourite of both Funkyards

* Jiawen – making their ABACUS debut

* MPCP & Flat Stanley – putting the fun in DJ(fun)ing


🏮 Red Packets on Arrival



18:30 : Bar opens

19:30 : Party starts

20:00 : Lion dance

20:30 : Food

21:00 – : Silent Disco

(23:00 : Bar stops serving – but the party continues on)



The Cambridge Union, Bridge Street



Sunday 18th February, 19:30-


Dress code?

Something Chinese/Doggie/Red



£15 Early Bird (includes a free drink)

£17 Member

£22 Non Member

Tickets here – Deadline 5:00 pm Sunday 18th March


Any questions, message our page, get in touch with a committee member, send us an email (, or for more contact information see here.

Check out our Facebook Event


ABACUS does Karaoke. Switching up the venue from last year, moving somewhere closer to the centre of town, this year our Karaoke is being held at Seven Days on regent street. Come along to sing your heart out to whatever artist floats your boat, but get hyped for KTV ABACUS style.




Seven Days


Sunday 11th February, 21:30-00:30


Ticketing link

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday 6th February) at 5:00 pm, and we’ll book rooms based on the number of tickets sold by Thursday 8th February at 4:00 pm, so grab yours early.

Members £12

Nonmember £16

Tickets include drinks, either:

  • Beer: 2 bottles of Tsingtao & 1 bottle of Tiger
  • Cocktail: 1 Rum & Coke, 1 Vodka & Lemonade, 1 Shot of Tequila
  • Non-alcoholic: 4 cans of Coke, Sprite, or Juice & 1 of Wang Lo Kat (王老吉)

(Let us know if these pose an issue)

Any questions, get in touch with our page, with a member of our committee, email us at, or for more contact information click here.

For more information check out our Facebook event.

ABACUS Funkyard 2: Masquerade ’till Midnight

After the great success that was Funkyard: Angel vs Devil in Michaelmas term, this term ABACUS is pleased to announce Funkyard 2: Masquerade ‘till Midnight.  Dress up as extravagantly as you dare, and reveal yourself to the world when the clock strikes twelve.  Joined again by an impressive cohort of societies, and with a lively line-up including fan favourites Anthony Chow, Flat Stanley, and MCPC, this is not a night to miss.

Still not sure if you want to come, check out the fantastic time that was had at funkyard last term here.


Funkyard 2: Masquerade ‘till Midnight: A private club night (we rent out an entire floor) with representatives from all your favourite oriental societies in attendance.


Revolution, Cambridge: A modern recently refurbished club with a dance floor, and plenty of nearby tables to chat and chill at, and a ceiling higher than life and cindies combined.


Sunday 4th February, 21:30 –  


Get your tickets here (On sale from 16:30 Monday 22nd January):

Early bird (Members) tickets only £3, and come with a free mask

Members tickets: £4 (£5 on the door) + £2 for a mask

Non-members tickets: £6 (£7 on the door) + £2 for a mask

ABACUS Family tickets: £12 (Not available on the door) + Get in contact with a committee member if you would like masks

Members tickets are open to members of the following societies:


CU Anglo Japanese Society

CU Chinese Society

CU Chinese Cultural Society

CU Korean Society

CU Malaysia Society

CU Malaysia & Singapore Association

CU Thai Society

Masks will also be for sale on the door in a limited quantity, so get there early (or bring your own). There will also be a cloakroom available.

Any questions, get in touch with our Facebook page, with a member of our committee, email us at, or for more contact information click here.

If you’re a student society and are interested in collaborating, please get in touch.

Revolution operates an over 18s policy after 9pm and therefore asks its guests to carry appropriate forms of photo ID (passport, driving license), if this will prevent a problem please get in touch with the committee and we’ll see what we can do.

For more information check out our Facebook event here.

Formal Mega Swap – ABACUS x CUMAS x ThaiSoc x CUKS

Join ABACUS, CUMAS, ThaiSoc, and CUKS at Clare for a formal mega swap extravaganza.  We’ve booked out the whole hall for the 25th January, but the deadline for dietary requirements is the 14th, so tickets go on sale 12th at 4:00pm, with so many fun societies in attendance they are sure to sell out

Remember, the party never stops, we’ll head to the Clare bar (and maybe beyond) after the formal.


Formal Mega Swap with ABACUS, CUMAS, ThaiSoc, & CUKS


Great Hall, Clare College


25th January 19:00


Tickets will be released on 12th January at 4:00 pm (the dietary requirement deadline is 14th January) here

Please buy the appropriate ticket type for you society

For more information check out our Facebook event

Any questions, message our page, get in touch with a committee member, send us an email (, or for more contact information go here

Welcome Back Brunch

Come along to our first event of term, and catch up with all of your ABACUS friends over a lovely pick me up brunch.

Delicious Brunch

Downing College

Saturday 20th January 11:30-12:30
– Our table is reserved from 11:30, but try to come a bit earlier to grab your food

We have reserved a table for ABACUS, and need to give downing an idea of numbers, so if you plan on coming please s
ign up here.

Please note: You will have to pay in cash

Any questions, message our page, get in touch with a committee member, send us an email (, or for more contact information click here.

For more information see our Facebook event.

Traditional Chinese Pastries Masterclass

Ever wondered how to make traditional Chinese pastries? Jessica and Mark from Kang Chiao Bakery will be teaching exactly that, step by step in an interactive masterclass. They will also bring a variety of traditional Chinese pastries for guests to taste, including their best seller ‘Green Tea, Red Bean & Mochi Pastry’, and some tasty green tea served in traditional Chinese way.

During the event, you will make your own Sun Cake, which is the most famous traditional gift for family and friends in Taichung, and have the opportunity to taste some
– Green Tea, Red Bean & Mochi Pastry (best-seller)
– Taro&Mochi Pastry
– Pineapple Cake
– Blueberry Cake
– Strawberry&Cranberry Cake
– Green Tea Sun Cake
As well as promoting Chinese food culture, we hope to give a special mention to Jessica who is a loving mother, a successful business women and a true inspiration. Jessica started a family bakery business called Kang Chiao Bakery in 2012 and she started off making delicious Chinese snacks because her kids love to eat fresh pineapple cakes and Taiwanese snacks. To satisfy her children, she began to research how to use fresh British Local ingredients. Without any additives, and with motherly love and care, she created rich and flavourful Taiwanese snacks – a taste of home to share with you that is a taste of motherly love and a remedy for homesickness! 

Time: Sunday 26 Nov, 14.30-16:30
Location: Sidney Sussex College JCR Bar

Places are limited and are first-come-first-served. Grab your ticket here

We are glad to announce that we are collaborating with Sidney Sussex College JCR, Trinity Oriental Society, and Chinese Cultural Society for this event. If you are a member of one of these societies, you are entitled to purchase the member’s ticket.

Kang Chiao Bakery’s Facebook Page

For more information see our Facebook Event

Any question don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Facebook Page, message a committee member, or email us:


ABACUS Badminton

ABACUS is hosting it’s first society sporting activity in the form of badminton at trinity college gym on grange road.
This is a cheeky one off event where you can show the rest of ABACUS your skills in China’s most loved sport. Make sure to keep your dates free for this Sunday (12th October) at 6-7pm to get in your weekly exercise 🙏

The event is free, however please register your interest here in advance if you intend on coming so we have an idea of numbers.

Message our Facebook page, any committee member, or send us an email: if you have any questions.

Check out our Facebook event here.