Chow at Charlie’s

With a rich 50-year history serving gourmet Chinese food in Cambridge, Charlie Chan has a reputation for delivering an authentic taste of the Orient. It was therefore a no-brainer to choose it as the location for our second meal of the term!

ABACUS have secured a luscious lunch deal with Charlie that should have you salivating at the lips!! 15 pounds. 5 dishes. 1 soup. Tea and Rice.  Snap up this opportunity to have a hearty meal with all your ABACUS friends and family (sitting in a ‘communal booth’ style tables of 10), in the truly authentic ambiance of Charlie Chan.


Charlie Chan, 14 Regent Street


12:30, Sunday 6th May


-铁板豉椒牛(Beef with Black Pepper Sauce)

-清蒸海鲈鱼(Chinese Steamed Sea Bass)

-咕噜肉(Sweet + Sour Pork/Chicken)

-芽菜叉烧丝(Choi Sum with Char Siu)

-祘蓉生菜(Lettuce in Garlic Sauce)

-西红柿蛋汤(Tomatoes with Egg Drop Soup)

-米饭 + 中国茶(Rice and Tea)- unlimited!



Get yours now!

£15.49 member

£17.53 non-member


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